zaterdag 6 november 2010

DT Call

DT Call

DZDoodles zoekt nieuwe DT leden. Dus heb je altijd al in een DT willen zitten en vindt je het leuk om met digitale afbeeldingen te werken in een leuk team en beheers je de Engelse taal?? Dan is dit de gelegenheid om te reageren. Hier kan je alle info vinden.

DZDoodles is looking for new DT members. Do you like to be on a DT and do you like to work with digital images?? Then this is your chance to apply. Here you can find all the info.

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Nightowl zei

Hi Rosalien, I'm so very pleased that you left me a link to your website. BOY OH BOY have I had an amazing time going back through your wonderful creations. I went back a whole year and I would have to say that you have the most variety in both, layout, style and shaped cards I've ever seen. I counted at least 3 cards that had owls on them (totally my favourite) and I would like to comment on the cards that you've made for men. That tie one is stunning. Thank you so much for sharing your site and allowing me this opportunity to view some of your wonderful art piece. Truly inspirational. *Hugs*